The future of retail will revolve
around creators.

Curate, save and arrange your favourite products and share genuine suggestions with your community.


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Creator Store

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Made to let creators thrive.

Allelon builds a suite of tools to enable you to transform your community into a thriving business, form lasting relationships with your most loyal fans and more.


For Creators

Transform your network into a flourishing venture with an Allelon store.

Concentrate on what you do best: curating for your viewers. We do the rest - at no cost.

What's the reason?

  • 1

    You've nurtured a community centred around your distinctive style - We are here to support you in evolving it into a prosperous business.

  • 2

    With Allelon there is no intermediary - We link you straight to your preferred brands, enabling you to maximise your earnings with each transaction.

  • 3

    Create your Allelon Store, a one-stop destination where your community can discover your handpicked selections and shop directly.

How it works

  • Create your Allelon Store

    Design and set up your unique store in a few clicks

  • Arrange

    Choose from your favourite brands the products you want to display in your Allelon Store

  • Earn

    Begin garnering profits from the sales you make


Don't worry about inventory, delivery or anything of that boring stuff - we've got you

Start your Allelon Store


Allelon's decentralised supply network

Allelon connects top brands with elite creators completely transparently in one place. Partner brands retain unconditional ownership of inventory, shipping and delivery.


For Brands

Leverage the reach of creators by allowing them to sell your products on their Allelon store. Share the proceeds. You're in full control - it's straightforward, costless, and transparent.

How it works

  • Connect

    Attach your Shopify account

  • Pick your creators

    Choose who can sell your goods and align on revenue distribution

  • Receive orders

    Obtain orders straight into your Shopify as though they occured on your website

What's the reason?

  • 1

    Allelon serves as a progressive sales avenue where brands collaborate with the best creators to produce quantifiable outcomes.

  • 2

    Brands have complete control and know exactly who is selling their products.

  • 3

    No initial costs - you only pay a fee based on the sales you make.